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Beale Street Saturday Night

Various - Beale Street Saturday Night

Beale Street Saturday Night is not a field recording. Jim Dickinson produced these multi-tracked recordings in The Orpheum Theatre, at Ardent and Sam Phillips Studios, and in his home on his beloved Ampex 8-track. He loved the concept of a hi-fi recording of a lo-fi sound. He said Johnny Woods could read his mind in the studio. This is an example of the world boogie, the country blues masters and the crazy white boys, locking themselves in world class recording studios for late night recording sessions because they loved playing music together.

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"On The Road Again – Mud Boy & The Neutrons"


  1. 1. Walkin’ Down Beale Street – Sid Selvidge
  2. 2. Hernando Horn – Fred Ford
  3. 3. Beale Street Blues – Grandma Dixie Davis
  4. 4. Big Fat Mama/Liquor Store – Sleepy John Estes
  5. 5. Ol’ Beale Street Blues – Prince Gabe
  6. 6. Furry’s Blues – Furry Lewis
  7. 7. Rock Me Baby – Teenie Hodges
  8. 8. Rock Me Baby – Alex
  9. 9. “Ben Griffin Was Killed In The Monarch” – Thomas Pinkston
  10. 10. Frisco Blow – Johnny Woods
  11. 11. On The Road Again – Mud Boy & The Neutrons
  12. 12. “Mr. Handy Told Me 50 Years Ago” – Thomas Pinkston
  13. 13. Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But A Bird – Furry Lewis
  14. 14. Roll On, Mississippi – Grandma Dixie Davis
  15. LP includes a download card