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Mutants Of The Monster: A Tribute To Black Oak Arkansas

Various - Mutants Of The Monster: A Tribute To Black Oak Arkansas

Saustex Records is pleased to present Mutants Of The Monster, a 17 track, first-ever tribute to 1970's arena rock legends Black Oak Arkansas. Joecephus & the George Jonestown Massacre provide rock hard backing to the guest vocalists and instrumentalists that appear on the record breathing new life and energy into BOA's classic catalog. Featured artists include: Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys (Nashville Pussy), Jimbo Mathus, Jello Biafra, Robby Turner (Sturgill Simpson), Shooter Jennings, JD Pinkus (Honky), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Eddie Spaghetti, Brian Venable (Lucero), Greg Ginn (Black Flag), Rickie Lee Reynolds (BOA), and Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock).

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"Uncle Lijiah (Featuring Jimbo Mathus And Robby Turner)"


  1. 1. Hey Y'all (Featuring Blaine Cartwright And Ruyter Suys)
  2. 2. Uncle Lijiah (Featuring Jimbo Mathus And Robby Turner)
  3. 3. Hot Rod (Featuring Shooter Jennings)
  4. 4. Swimmin' In Quicksand (Featurinr JD Pinkus And Nik Turner)
  5. 5. Hot And Nasty (Featuring Eddie Spaghetti)
  6. 6. When Electricity Came To Arkansas (Featuring Jeff Clayton, Greg Ginn And Rickie Lee Reynolds)
  7. 7. Short Life Line (Featuring Bill Davis)
  8. 8. Fever In My Mind (Featuring Jim “Dandy” Mangrum)
  9. 9. High 'N' Dry (Featuring Whiskeydick)
  10. 10. Lord Have Mercy On My Soul (Featuring Jeff Clayton And Paul Leary)
  11. 11. Mutants Of The Monster (Featuring CT And Micheal Denner)
  12. 12. Mad Man (Featuring Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre)
  13. 13. Strong Enough To Be Gentle (Featuring Ruyter Suys And Jimmy Henderson)
  14. 14. Jim Dandy (Featuring Jello Biafra And Ruyter Suys)
  15. 15. Rock 'N' Roll (Nine Pound Hammer Featuring Joecephus)
  16. 16. The Wild Bunch (Featuring Kyle Turley And Mickey Raphael)
  17. 17. Keep the Faith (The Kentucky Bridgeburners)