New Releases For March 20, 2012


Vacationer - Gone

In a climate of overload where many projects have crazy back-stories before good songs, Vacationer goes the opposite route and lets the music do the talking. The 11-track album provides a unique collection of serenity-inducing sonic arrangements created with the sole purpose of relaxing the listener. No airfare needed, no reservations. Simply settle in, relax and enjoy; Vacation from anywhere at anytime.

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  1. 1. Everyone Knows
  2. 2. Good As New
  3. 3. Trip
  4. 4. Dreamlike
  5. 5. No Rules
  6. 6. Gone
  7. 7. Having It All
  8. 8. Summer End
  9. 9. Great Love
  10. 10. Farther
  11. 11. Be With You

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