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Turzi Électronique Expérience

Turzi Électronique Expérience - Éducation

Éducation is the continuation, not of A (2007) and B (2009), but of Turzi's first, pre-alphabetical album, Made Under Authority, released in 2006. Romain Turzi, aka Turzi Électronique Éxpérience, is the wonderkid who intuitively revisited the original krautrock movement and announced the Horrors' Primary Colours or Portishead's Third. For the recording of Education, he put aside his guitar and went full-on electronic. Modern disco prodigy Pilooski (of Discodeine and hit-single 'Beggin' fame) was hired for producing Éducation. This album is Romain Turzi's most personal album, one in which he digs deep in his very own education to create new music.

TAGS: Electronic

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  1. 1. Connaissance
  2. 2. Croyance
  3. 3. Constance
  4. 4. Enfance
  5. 5. Deviance
  6. 6. Errance
  7. 7. Descendance
  8. 8. En France