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tētēma - necroscape

Necroscape is the second album from Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras' modernist electro-acoustic rock proposition, tētēma. This record continues to employ the wayward orchestrations and arresting physicality of their 2014 debut Geocidal yet is renewed by a melodic language which grounds it's multi-colored twists and turns in hallucinatory lyricism. Necroscape synthesizes a lot of territory: odd-time rock, musique concrète, otherworld grooves, soul, industrial noise, microtonal psychoacoustics.... seemingly strange bedfellows on paper, yet in the ears they surprisingly coalesce into 13 songs which playfully challenge our notions of sonic logic and make you move at the same time.

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"Cutlass Eye"


  1. 1. Necroscape
  2. 2. Cutlass Eye
  3. 3. Wait Till Mornin'
  4. 4. Haunted On The Uptake
  5. 5. All Signs Uncensored
  6. 6. Milked Out Million
  7. 7. Soliloquy
  8. 8. Flatliner's Owl
  9. 9. Dead Still
  10. 10. Invertebrate
  11. 11. We'll Talk Inside A Dream
  12. 12. Sun Undone
  13. 13. Funerale Di Un Contadino

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