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Trigger Hippy
Full Circle & Then Some

Trigger Hippy - Full Circle & Then Some

Trigger Hippy is back with their first album in five years, Full Circle & Then Some. Led by Black Crowes co-founder/drummer Steve Gorman and bassist/vocalist Nick Govrik, and now features Band Of Heathens vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ed Jurdi and vocalist/saxophonist Amber Woodhouse. Trigger Hippy starts strong on Full Circle & Then Some with “Don’t Want To Bring You Down,” featuring a lead by all three vocalists. The group’s eclectic sound ranges from the country soul “Strung Out On The Pain” to the hypnotic dance rhythm of “Born To Be Blue.”

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"Don't Wanna Bring You Down"


  1. 1. Don't Wanna Bring You Down
  2. 2. The Butcher's Daughter
  3. 3. Strung Out On The Pain
  4. 4. Born To Be Blue
  5. 5. The Door
  6. 6. Full Circle And Then Some
  7. 7. Dandelion
  8. 8. Goddamn Hurricane
  9. 9. Long Lost Friend
  10. 10. One Of Them
  11. 11. Low Down Country Song
  12. 12. Paving The Road

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