New Releases For June 7, 2011

Tricia Brock
The Road

Tricia Brock - The Road

Featuring the lead singer of the best-selling Grammy nominated band Superchick, The Road is a distinctive-sounding worship album that blends together original, traditional, and contemporary songs to inspire, challenge and move you closer to God. 'These are songs that have lead me into worship through times when I have felt abandoned, broken, angry and confused and taught me that the best place to worship God is when life doesn't make sense and it isn't easy to believe. I pray The Road is a new, fresh approach to worship and that it brings the growth and healing to you that it's brought me making it.' - Tricia Brock

Includes the singles: 'You Hear,' 'Breath Of God,' and 'You Are My Shepherd.'

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 7, 2011 ON Inpop
TAGS: Christian

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"You Are My Shepherd"


  1. 1. Breath Of God
  2. 2. Lean
  3. 3. You Are My Shepherd
  4. 4. You Hear
  5. 5. Jesus, I Am Resting
  6. 6. The Altar
  7. 7. Always
  8. 8. Impossible
  9. 9. Everything In Me
  10. 10. Overwhelmed
  11. 11. Broken For Love's Sake