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Tony Trischka
Great Big World

Tony Trischka - Great Big World

Tony Trischka is one of the leading lights of contemporary banjo. His innovations have inspired players like Bela and myriad others, helping to define the dynamic banjo stylings of today. With a formidable range from traditional pieces through contemporary experimentation, Great Big World encompasses the generous world of Tony Trischka's music - his sterling banjo, and his extraordinary original tunes. Here likeminded creative musicians (Steve Martin, Aoife O'Donovan, Noam Pikelny, Larry Campbell, Abigail Washburn, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, and many others) are brought together to receive Tony's clear mandate: inhabit a song and make it your own.

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"Promontory Point [Featuring Steve Martin & Others]"


  1. 1. Say Goodbye (For KM) [Featuring Michal Daves, Mike Barnett & Others]
  2. 2. Do Re Mi [Featuring Michael Daves, Mike Compton, Mike Barnett & Others]
  3. 3. The Danny Thomas
  4. 4. Promontory Point [Featuring Steve Martin & Others]
  5. 5. Single String Medley:
  6. I. Amanda & Her Amazing Dancing Ducks (4th String)
  7. II. Green Heart Of The Forest (2nd String)
  8. III. Old Shakey (5th String)
  9. IV. Spanish Point (3rd String)
  10. V. Sounds Like Home (1st String)
  11. 6. Belated Wedding Hoedown/ Angelina Baker [Featuring Aoife O'Donovan & Others]
  12. 7. Ocracoke Lullabye
  13. 8. Great Big World/Purple Trees Of Colorado [Featuring Noam Pikelny & Others]
  14. 9. Joy [Featuring Catherine Russell, Larry Campbell & Others]
  15. 10. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight [Featuring Michael Daves & Others]
  16. 11. Lost [Featuring Abigail Washburn & Others]
  17. 12. Wild Bill Hickock [Featuring Ramblin' Jack Elliot, John Goodman & Others]
  18. 13. Swag Bag Rag