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Tommy James

Tommy James - Alive

This 15-track album was "a very long time in the making” says James who also produced it. "Some songs go back 30, 40, and even 50 years, and some are brand new." On Alive, James mixes up a diverse collection of pop-rock originals with collaborations on several tracks by Emmy-winning T.O.N.E-z, including a hip-hop infused version of Tommy’s 1971 Top 5 hit, “Draggin’ The Line.” Alive includes another creative remake of one of Tommy James and the Shondells’ biggest hits, "I Think We're Alone Now.” Tommy enlisted long-time friend Gene Cornish from The Rascals to play guitar on the remake of "I'm Alive.”

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 7, 2019 ON Aura

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"Draggin' The Line"


  1. 1. So Beautiful
  2. 2. Distant Thunder
  3. 3. Draggin' The Line
  4. 4. Rising Water
  5. 5. I'm Alive
  6. 6. A Different Way
  7. 7. I Think We're Alone Now (Acoustic)
  8. 8. A Doo Wop Shuffle Part 1
  9. 9. A Doo Wop Shuffle Part 2
  10. 10. Who Speaks For Love
  11. 11. The Last Time
  12. 12. From The Neck Up
  13. 13. Never Too Late
  14. 14. Slam
  15. 15. One Helluva Ride