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The White Noise

The White Noise - AM/PM

On their 2017 full-length debut album AM/PM, the group boldly bob and weave past convention and emerge with an infectious and inimitable body of work representative of their penchant for unpredictability. Throughout 2016, the band recorded what would become AM/PM with producer Drew Fulk (Motionless In White, We Came As Romans) in Los Angeles. Along the way, they succinctly sharpened their style. AM/PM, named in reference to a song by the band Give Up The Ghost, threads together a captivating musical narrative, each moment adding another layer of complexity to the album as a whole.

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"The Best Songs Are Dead"


  1. 1. Innocent Until Birth
  2. 2. Bite Marks
  3. 3. Picture Day
  4. 4. The Best Songs Are Dead
  5. 5. I Lost My Mind (In California)
  6. 6. Rated R… (Featuring Landon Tewers)
  7. 7. All Drugs Go To Heaven
  8. 8. Montreal
  9. 9. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
  10. 10. Sunspots