New Releases For January 18, 2019

The Vegabonds

The Vegabonds - V

Nashville, TN based southern rockers the Vegabonds are known for sensational live performances, powerhouse guitar riffs and impactful songwriting. Their new album, titled V, features a dash of Americana, a pinch of country, and a whole lot of rock. Produced by Tom Tapley (Blackberry Smoke, Surgarland, Mastadon.)

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"Partyin’ With Strangers"


  1. 1. Partyin’ With Strangers
  2. 2. Generation Of Happiness
  3. 3. I Ain’t Having It
  4. 4. When The Smoke Clears Up
  5. 5. Everything I Need
  6. 6. Best I Can
  7. 7. Traveling Man
  8. 8. Help Is On The Way

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 17
    Greenville, SC, US The Vegabonds with Womz at The Radio Room
  • Jun 18
    Atlanta, GA, US The Vegabonds with Womz at Smiths Old Bar
  • Jun 19
    Atlanta, GA, US The Vegabonds with Will Blackburn at Smiths Old Bar
  • Jun 24
    Nashville, TN, US The Vegabonds at Yeehaw Brewing
  • Jun 25
    Birmingham, AL, US The Vegabonds at Avondale Brewing Company
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