New Releases For September 16, 2016

The Upper Crust/The Grannies
Lords & Ladies (Split Release)

The Upper Crust/The Grannies - Lords & Ladies (Split Release)

Lords & Ladies is a split album that pairs America's foremost purveyors of costume rock, Boston’s the Upper Crust and San Francisco's the Grannies. Though known for over the top stage antics, the bands deliver the goods in the grooves. The Upper Crust reimagine High Voltage era AC/DC filtered through the lyrical lens of 18th Century nobles. The Grannies bust chops with another fresh set of Jack Endino-produced tunes (Nirvana, High On Fire, etc.) that are reminiscent of grunge in its punk nascence and the Dwarves at their most chaotic. Recommended for fans of punk and hard rock alike.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Punk

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"Stone Fruit - The Grannies"


  1. 1. Rabble Rouser - The Upper Crust
  2. 2. Highfalutin' - The Upper Crust
  3. 3. Person Non Grata - The Upper Crust
  4. 4. Matron - The Upper Crust
  5. 5. Bleed Me - The Upper Crust
  6. 6. White Glove Service - The Grannies
  7. 7. I Fuck Alone - The Grannies
  8. 8. Stone Fruit - The Grannies
  9. 9. Milchblut - The Grannies
  10. 10. Skylab - The Grannies