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The Sanae/Braxton Collaborative
The Other Side

The Sanae/Braxton Collaborative - The Other Side

Just like the perfect cup of coffee, Sanae and Braxton have brewed a delicious blend of contemporary, chill, and smooth jazz with The Other Side. Sanae's nine originals and the Stylistic's classic “People Make The World Go 'Round” feature his mellow trumpet with Braxton's complimentary soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones. Robert's keyboards and production worked hand in hand with Tom's ideas as they co-produced and added friends Al Turner and flutist Bradley Leighton. This collaboration marks a first for Sanae and Braxton and it is very comfortable and productive. There is a spark between these two that we certainly hope to see again down the road in their musical journeys.

TAGS: Jazz | Smooth Jazz

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"People Make The World Go Round"


  1. 1. What’s Up Tis?
  2. 2. Groovis
  3. 3. People Make The World Go Round
  4. 4. The Finer Things
  5. 5. City By Night
  6. 6. The Other Side
  7. 7. Sharolyn’s Eyes
  8. 8. Castle By The Sea
  9. 9. A Time For Tea
  10. 10. Infinitely You