New Releases For October 20, 2017

The Red Button
Now It’s All This!

The Red Button - Now It’s All This!

The power pop legends – and mainstays on SiriusXM’s Underground Garage and The Loft - return with their brand new 2-CD set, Now It's All This!. Included are six brand new original songs, four “unplugged” rarities, and their first two critically acclaimed albums re-mastered and in their entirety. This is a must-have for any power pop fan.

TAGS: Power Pop | Rock

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"Can’t Let Candy Go"


  1. 1. Can’t Let Candy Go
  2. 2. Behind A Rainbow
  3. 3. Tell Me It’s Over
  4. 4. Tracy’s Party
  5. 5. Solitude Saturday
  6. 6. Now It’s All This
  7. 7. Geneviere (Unplugged)
  8. 8. Picture (Unplugged)
  9. 9. As Far As Yesterday Goes (Unplugged)
  10. 10. It’s No Secret (Unplugged)
  11. Second CD contains remastered versions of first two albums