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The Moondoggies
Adiós I'm A Ghost

The Moondoggies - Adiós I'm A Ghost

Adiós I'm A Ghost is a quintessentially Northwest record.

Musically and lyrically, it balances light and dark, marrying the boisterous blues of the Moondoggies' debut album Don't Be A Stranger, the symphonic sadness of Tidelands, and a temperamental timbre previously unheard from the band.

Recorded at Bear Creek Studios, Adiós I'm A Ghost is the Moondoggies' third full-length for Hardly Art.

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"Midnight Owl"


  1. 1. I'm A Ghost
  2. 2. Red Eye
  3. 3. Annie Turn Out The Lights
  4. 4. Midnight Owl
  5. 5. Pride
  6. 6. A Lot To Give
  7. 7. Stop Signs
  8. 8. Start Me Over
  9. 9. One More Chance
  10. 10. Back To The Beginning
  11. 11. Don't Ask Why
  12. 12. Adiós I'm A Ghost