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The Mahones
This Is All We Got To Show For It: The Best Of 30 Years

The Mahones - This Is All We Got To Show For It: The Best Of 30 Years

For 30 years, the Mahones have been performing their distinctly Canadian form of Irish punk in bars, pubs and music halls around the globe. Throughout 1990 to 2020, band members have come and gone, but the sound has remained constant over 11 studio albums, two live recordings, and a collection of acoustic versions. Always promising an over-the-top pub-on-fire for their live show experience, the band has captured a number of special moments with surprise guests on intimate stages over the decades. These are being released together on This Is All We Got To Show For It - The Best Of 30 Years.

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"Shakespeare Road"


  1. 1. Shakespeare Road
  2. 2. Paint The Town Red
  3. 3. Drunken Lazy Bastard
  4. 4. The Hunger & The Fight
  5. 5. Streets Of New York
  6. 6. A Great Night Out On The Lash
  7. 7. Give It All You Got
  8. 8. A Little Bit Of Love
  9. 9. Stars (Oscar Wilde)
  10. 10. Punk Rock Saved My Life
  11. 11. Queen And Tequila
  12. 12. Rise Again
  13. 13. One Last Shot
  14. 14. Is This Bar Open ‘Til Tomorrow
  15. 15. Cocktail Blue
  16. 16. Never Let You Down
  17. 17. Angels & Devils
  18. 18. Celtic Pride
  19. 19. Heroes (Bowie Tribute)

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