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The Gold Needles
What’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You?

The Gold Needles - What’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You?

Coming off their well-received tracks on Jem Records Celebrates John Lennon, the Gold Needles’ new album is filled with the theme of "tomorrow" with threads about "time" throughout. There are allusions to days and themes of how precious time is. From the cover clocks to the messages within the lyrics, the album is a strong follow-up to their 2019 Jem debut. The album is available on limited edition yellow vinyl.

TAGS: Garage | Power Pop | Rock

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"Have You Ever Loved Somebody?"


  1. 1. What's Tomorrow Ever Done for You?
  2. 2. I Get The Pressure
  3. 3. Precious Times
  4. 4. Have You Ever Loved Somebody?
  5. 5. Dead Man's Hand
  6. 6. Billy Liar
  7. 7. If I Needed Someone
  8. 8. Susie Is Sorted (She Doesn't Care)
  9. 9. Counting The Days
  10. 10. The Story Of My Life
  11. 11. Realm Of The Black Dog
  12. 12. Drown This Sorrow

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