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The Answer
Raise A Little Hell

The Answer - Raise A Little Hell

Rock ‘N Roll’s fuel are larger-than-life riffs, unforgettable melodies and the distinct smell of beer cans and the Route 66: at least when your name is the Answer and the Route 66 leads to Northern Ireland. On Raise A Little Hell (what an understatement!), you get gritty guitar work, smoky vocals – and the spirit of AC/DC and Thin Lizzy is in the air. 12 soundtrack anthems for your next road trip that don`t give a rat`s ass about trends.

TAGS: Hard Rock

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  1. 1. Long Live The Renegades
  2. 2. The Other Side
  3. 3. Aristocrat
  4. 4. Cigarettes & Regret
  5. 5. Last Days Of Summer
  6. 6. Strange Kinda‘ Nothing
  7. 7. I Am What I Am
  8. 8. Whiplash
  9. 9. Gone Too Long
  10. 10. Red
  11. 11. I Am Cured
  12. 12. Raise A Little Hell

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