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Suns Of Thyme

Suns Of Thyme - Cascades

Krautgaze made in Berlin - brimming with melancholy and a nonchalant greatness. It is hard to imagine that something called Krautgaze could grow up in any other place than Berlin. In its glittering darkness, the city is a perfect breeding ground for a band like Suns Of Thyme: The five-piece (masterfully) crashes together space rock, shoegaze, psych, death rock, and Velvet Underground on its sophomore album Cascades. This ode to freethought is brimming with melancholy and a nonchalant greatness that will (comfortably) settle in behind your eyes – Suns Of Thyme casts off genre clichés with a grin and an artfully nostalgic twist.

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"Deep Purple Rain"


  1. 1. Do Or Die
  2. 2. Intuition Unbound
  3. 3. Ich Träum Von Dir
  4. 4. To Vanish
  5. 5. Rush
  6. 6. Schweben
  7. 7. Deep Purple Rain
  8. 8. Val Verde
  9. 9. The Field
  10. 10. Aphelion
  11. 11. Prelude
  12. 12. In Dreams Awake
  13. 13. Kirwani
  14. 14. Kirwani II
  15. 15. Cascades