New Releases For September 15, 2017

Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack

Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack - TWO

This blues/roots collection evokes the early mid-twentieth century period of electric acoustic music. It features Howlin’ Wolf’s “Howling For My Darling” as Sunday’s unique delivery and the band without mimicry pays its respects to the style of Wolf. Three Ruth Brown songs are covered by Jack and Wilde, and “Love Contest” best illustrates their unique style of interweaving vocals through a duet. Think Janis Joplin getting beat up by Tom Waits at an Ella Fitzgerald concert and you’ll understand.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"Howling For My Darling"


  1. 1. Howling For My Darling
  2. 2. Love Contest
  3. 3. Van Horne
  4. 4. Moonlight Rising
  5. 5. 5-10-15 Hours
  6. 6. Back Lane Man
  7. 7. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day
  8. 8. No Matter How Far
  9. 9. I Wanna Do More
  10. 10. Leaving On Your Mind

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