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Sun Ra
A Joyful Noise (DVD/Blu-ray)

Sun Ra - A Joyful Noise (DVD/Blu-ray)

For his one-hour documentary, Robert Mugge spent two years shooting Sun Ra and members of his Arkestra in a wide variety of situations. Ensemble performances were filmed at Baltimore's Famous Ballroom, at Danny's Hollywood Palace in Philadelphia, and on the roof of Philadelphia's International House near the University of Pennsylvania. Sun Ra's poetry and mythological pronouncements were filmed in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, in front of the White House, and inside and outside of the house he shared with key band members in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Transferred to HD from the original 16mm film and lovingly restored for the best possible viewing experience.


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  2. 1. Astro Black
  3. 2. Mister Mystery
  4. 3. We Travel The Spaceways
  5. 4. Along Came Ra/The Living Myth
  6. 5. Spaceship Earth (Destination Unknown)
  7. 6. Requiem For Trevor Johnson
  8. 7. And Many More