New Releases For January 15, 2021

Steve Strongman
Tired Of Talkin'

Steve Strongman - Tired Of Talkin'

As an established Canadian artist building awareness across the US, Steve Strongman has been earning rave reviews as an emerging talent on the scene today. Beyond Strongman’s skills as a songwriter, guitarist and front man is his ability to engage his audience and deliver an outstanding performance at every live show. Strongman’s 7th studio recording: Tired Of Talkin’ is destined to further establish the guitar slinger’s reputation as one of the most exciting artists on the international blues scene. Strongman’s impressive resume includes stints opening for guitar legends B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Johnny Winter.

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"Tired Of Talkin'"


  1. 1. Tired Of Talkin'
  2. 2. Paid My Dues
  3. 3. Still Crazy 'Bout You
  4. 4. Just Ain't Right
  5. 5. Can't Have It All
  6. 6. Tell Me Like It Is
  7. 7. Livin' The Dream
  8. 8. That Kind Of Fight
  9. 9. Hard Place And A Rock
  10. 10. Highway Man
  11. 11. Bring You Down
  12. 12. Let's Stay Together