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Steve Cole
Smoke + Mirrors

Steve Cole - Smoke + Mirrors

The term “smoke and mirrors” refer to the trickery used by magicians to fool an audience - but don’t we all indulge in a bit of hocus-pocus to represent ourselves to the world? On his new album, Smoke + Mirrors, Steve Cole offers up an intimately personal reflection of his own true self, free of trickery or sleight of hand. Created entirely in pandemic-necessitated isolation, Smoke + Mirrors brings together an all-star band with Cole’s longtime producer, co-writer and multi-instrumentalist David Mann.

TAGS: Jazz | Smooth Jazz

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"Living Out Loud"


  1. 1. Living Out Loud
  2. 2. Loves Me, Loves Me Not
  3. 3. Wayman
  4. 4. Smoke And Mirrors
  5. 5. Covent Garden
  6. 6. It’s A House Party
  7. 7. At A Distance
  8. 8. Trust
  9. 9. On The Money
  10. 10. Justice

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