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Stan Rogers
Greatest Hits (Vinyl)

Stan Rogers - Greatest Hits (Vinyl)

The world lost Stan Rogers, one of Canada’s best folksingers and composers, in a fire on Air Canada flight #797 at the Cincinnati, Ohio airport on June 2nd, 1983. Stan Rogers’ music continues to amaze, amuse and inspire people from all walks of life, and has been referred to as “one of the touchstones of modern Canadian history.” He was and remains one the finest songwriters of the past 100 years. Borealis Records is proud to make available limited-edition double vinyl with 18 of Stan Rogers’ best loved songs, re-mastered for vinyl by João Carvalho and Bill Garrett. All songs are produced by Paul Mills. Executive Producer is Ariel Rogers.

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"Fogarty's Cove"


  1. 1. Fogarty's Cove
  2. 2. Free In The Harbour
  3. 3. White Squall
  4. 4. Lock-Keeper
  5. 5. Barrett's Prvateers
  6. 6. The Flowers Of Bermuda
  7. 7. Tiny Fish For Japan
  8. 8. The Last Watch
  9. 9. Forty-Five Years
  10. 10. Northwest Passage
  11. 11. The Jeannie C
  12. 12. The Field Behind The Plow
  13. 13. Lies
  14. 14. Delivery Delayed
  15. 15. The Idiot
  16. 16. Make And Break Harbour
  17. 17. Song Of The Candle
  18. 18. The Mary Ellen Carter