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As It Is On Earth

Spacehog - As It Is On Earth

2013 is the official return of Spacehog as they release their first album in 10 years entitled, As It Is On Earth on their own Hog Space Records.

As It Is On Earth carries forth the profound influences of T Rex, Iggy Pop, Queen, David Bowie & the Spiders, and colliding these influences with a wall of distorted guitars and the stupendous daring of their lead vocals.

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"I Wish You Well"


  1. 1. Deceit
  2. 2. Love Is A Curious Thing
  3. 3. Gluttony
  4. 4. Now I'm Only Dreaming
  5. 5. Try To Remember
  6. 6. Bonnie & Clyde
  7. 7. I Wish You Well
  8. 8. Sunset Boulevard
  9. 9. Oh, Dinosaur
  10. 10. Cool Water
  11. 11. Glad To Know