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A Walk In The Woods

Soundtrack - A Walk In The Woods

The soundtrack for A Walk In The Woods features two new exclusive tracks: Lord Huron's “The Birds Are Singing At Night” and Blake Mills' “Dead End Street.” The soundtrack also includes the Lord Huron hit “Ends Of The Earth,” as well as three other tracks by the band. In addition, the album features tracks by Dwight Yoakam, Great Lake Swimmers and Friends Of Lola. Nathan Larson composed the score.

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"The Birds Are Singing At Night (Lord Huron)"


  1. 1. Mud (Composed By Nathan Larson)
  2. 2. Dead End Street (Blake Mills)
  3. 3. The Birds Are Singing At Night (Lord Huron)
  4. 4. Tickin’ Bomb (Shovels & Rope)
  5. 5. Crop Comes In (Chatham County Line)
  6. 6. The Lake (Tim Grimm)
  7. 7. Ends Of The Earth (Lord Huron)
  8. 8. I Don’t Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) (Dwight Yoakam)
  9. 9. Kissed Me Like Thunder (Friends Of Lola)
  10. 10. Brother (Last Ride) (Lord Huron)
  11. 11. Think That You Might Be Wrong (Great Lake Swimmers)
  12. 12. So Many Stars (Composed By Nathan Larson)
  13. 13. The Ghost On The Shore (Lord Huron)
  14. 14. She Lit A Fire (Lord Huron)