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Foul Play

Soundtrack - Foul Play

This reissue of the Foul Play soundtrack features the Oscar nominated song “Ready To Take A Chance Again,” performed by Barry Manilow, and for the first time on CD, the original full-length album version of Barry Manilow’s Top 10 hit “Copacabana” (the original soundtrack release contained an edited version). In addition, the album features the bonus track, "Foul Play," the original theme to the short-lived CBS Television series. The Score was written by award winning composer Charles Fox.

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"Copacabana (Performed By Barry Manilow)"


  1. 1. Ready To Take A Chance Again (Performed By Barry Manilow)
  2. 2. Help
  3. 3. Beware Of The Dwarf
  4. 4. Love Theme - Instrumental (Ready To Take A Chance Again)
  5. 5. Copacabana (Performed By Barry Manilow)
  6. 6. Gloria Falls For Trap
  7. 7. Foul Play - Disco
  8. 8. Scarface
  9. 9. Gloria Escapes
  10. 10. Houseboat (Love Theme)
  11. 11. Get Me To The Opera On Time
  12. 12. End Title (Ready To Take A Chance Again) (Performed By Barry Manilow)
  13. Bonus Track:
  14. 13. Foul Play (Original Theme To The CBS Television Series)