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The Champ

Soundtrack - The Champ

The highly requested soundtrack to the Franco Zeffirelli film, The Champ, has never been released on CD and has been out of print since 1985. The varied music composed by Dave Grusin plays a critical role in the film and is considered to be one of Dave Grusin’s best scores. The awesome main theme composed by Grusin is the glue binding together all the episodes to capture the intensity of mutual love between the father and son.

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"Main Title"


  1. 1. If You Remember Me (Chris Thompson)
  2. 2. Main Title
  3. 3. A Cha-Cha-Do Brazil
  4. 4. Serenade In G. K. 525 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  5. 5. Nothing But A Groove
  6. 6. Find Our Way
  7. 7. Gym Montage
  8. 8. T.J.'s Theme
  9. 9. Theme From The Champ
  10. 10. Salon Du Miami
  11. 11. Visiting Hours
  12. 12. Gone