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Soundtrack - Chappie

Varese Sarabande's release of Chappie on CD will be available on March 17th exclusively through MyPlay Direct

Varese Sarabande is thrilled to be releasing the soundtrack to Sony Pictures' Chappie, the latest score by the legendary Hans Zimmer. This is Zimmer’s first all-electronic soundtrack since the 1980s, when he first developed his ground-breaking style. Chappie is the new film from the director of District 9 and stars Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel and Sigourney Weaver.

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"We Own This Sky"


  1. 1. It’s A Dangerous City
  2. 2. The Only Way Out Of This
  3. 3. Use Your Mind
  4. 4. A Machine That Thinks And Feels
  5. 5. Firmware Update
  6. 6. Welcome To The Real World
  7. 7. The Black Sheep
  8. 8. Indestructible Robot Gangster #1
  9. 9. Breaking The Code
  10. 10. Rudest Bad Boy In Joburg
  11. 11. You Lied To Me
  12. 12. Mayhem Downtown
  13. 13. The Outside Is Temporary
  14. 14. Never Break A Promise
  15. 15. We Own This Sky
  16. 16. Illest Gangsta On The Block