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Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy
Living The Dream Tour (DVD/Blu-ray)

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy - Living The Dream Tour (DVD/Blu-ray)

Living The Dream Tour features Slash & Co. roaring through a highly charged 2-hour set of tracks from all four Slash solo albums. The set includes “Call Of The Wild,” “Driving Rain,” “By The Sword,” “Back From Cali,” “Starlight,” “World On Fire,” and “Anastasia.”. Plus a searing live version of “Shadow Life,” as well as “We Are All Gonna Die” and “Doctor Alibi.” The DVD/Blu-ray includes Live In London mini-documentary, including interview with Slash and Myles, plus behind the scenes footage of the tour. Available now on DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, 3LP Black Vinyl, Limited Edition 3LP Red Vinyl, Digital Longform video and Digital audio.

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  1. CD ONE:
  2. 1. The Call Of The Wild
  3. 2. Halo
  4. 3. Standing In The Sun
  5. 4. Ghost
  6. 5. Back From Cali
  7. 6. My Antidote
  8. 7. Serve You Right
  9. 8. Boulevard Of Broken Hearts
  10. 9. Shadow Life
  11. 10. We’re All Gonna Die
  12. 11. Doctor Alibi
  13. 12. Lost Inside The Girl
  14. 13. Wicked Stone
  15. CD TWO:
  16. 1. Mind Your Manners
  17. 2. Driving Rain
  18. 3. By The Sword
  19. 4. Nightrain
  20. 5. Starlight
  21. 6. You’re A Lie
  22. 7. World On Fire
  23. 8. Avalon
  24. 9. Anastasia

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