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Siren's Cry
Scattered Horizons

Siren's Cry - Scattered Horizons

Siren's Cry is a female fronted Austrian, symphonic metal band with a perfectly balanced fusion of complexity and symphonic beauty, uniquely creative, unifying the best of all metal worlds: virtuosity, enchanting melodies and powerful riffs.

Ingeniously combining a perfect circle of spectacular sounds that some have called a brilliant combination of Symphony X and Nightwish.

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"Oratory & Sins"


  1. 1. Introitus
  2. 2. S3V3N
  3. 3. Oratory & Sins
  4. 4. Elegy Of R'lyeh
  5. 5. Draconian Spectrum
  6. 6. Cold Amber & Scalding Tears
  7. 7. Sahara Sagas Part I
  8. 8. Serpents Of War
  9. 9. Controversial Mind