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Shakey Graves
Roll The Bones X

Shakey Graves - Roll The Bones X

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Shakey Graves' debut album, Dualtone is proud to release Roll The Bones X as a special double-album presentation in a gorgeous high-quality package with a 20-page photo journal. The first disc contains the original studio record, previously only available through Bandcamp where it garnered over 100,000 downloads. The second, never-before-heard Odds & Ends disc contains live tracks, demos, B-sides, and more. RTBX celebrates the origins of the suitcase-drum-toting troubadour from Austin, TX and his mad-scientist creative spirit, and will be a must-own for any Shakey Graves fan.

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"Roll The Bones"


  1. 1. Unlucky Skin
  2. 2. Built To Roam
  3. 3. Roll The Bones
  4. 4. I’m On Fire
  5. 5. Georgia Moon
  6. 6. Business Lunch
  7. 7. City In A Bottle (Live @ 2023)
  8. 8. Proper Fence
  9. 9. The Seal Hunter
  10. 10. To Cure What Ails
  11. 11. Years Ago (Interlude)
  12. 12. Chinatown
  13. 13. Oh The Reign
  14. 14. The Night (Interlude)
  15. 15. Dusty Lion
  16. 16. Word Of Mouth (Early Version) (Featuring Isaac Gillespie)
  17. 17. The Haunted Guitar (Interlude)
  18. 18. Late July (Early Version)
  19. 19. The Daily All
  20. 20. Pansy Waltz (Demo)
  21. 21. Lonely Hill (Alt-Version)
  22. 22. The Teacher (Interlude)
  23. 23. Saving Face (Early Version Of Roll The Bones)
  24. 24. Bully’s Lament (Featuring Isaac Gillespie & Morgan Heringer)
  25. 25. The Shepherd (Interlude)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 23
    Newport, RI, US Newport Folk Festival 2021
  • Jul 31
    Sandpoint, ID, US Shakey Graves with Tre Burt at Festival at Sandpoint
  • Aug 01
    Boise, ID, US Shakey Graves with Tre Burt at Knitting Factory Concert House - Boise
  • Aug 03
    Bonner, MT, US Shakey Graves with Tre Burt at KettleHouse Amphitheater
  • Aug 04
    Sandy, UT, US Shakey Graves and Tre Burt at Sandy City Amphitheater
  • Aug 05
    Grand Junction, CO, US Shakey Graves at Avalon Theatre
  • Aug 06
    Dillon, CO, US Shakey Graves at Dillon Amphitheater
  • Aug 06
    Lyons, CO, US Rocky Mountain Folks Festival 2021
  • Aug 10
    Wichita, KS, US Shakey Graves and Tre Burt at Wave - Outdoor
  • Aug 11
    Kansas City, MO, US Shakey Graves with Tre Burt at The Truman
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