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Sean Kent
Waiting For The Rapture

Sean Kent - Waiting For The Rapture

Sean Kent finds humor in subjects mainstream comics wouldn't dare to touch. Masterfully he takes aim at the heart of bloated, complacent, overly consuming 21st Century America, eviscerating Walmart, hippies, recycling, the media and Fundamentalist Christians all in the same breath. More influenced by writers like Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) and Bukowski than by his comedian peers, Kent goes deeper, takes more chances and searches harder for meaning than anyone else out there. This isn't for the feint of heart but it is definitely for the thinkers, the outcasts, the rebels and the dissatisfied.

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"Walmart City"


  1. 1. Demons, Priuses & Glenn Beck
  2. 2. Assisted Suicide
  3. 3. Walmart City
  4. 4. Modern Technology
  5. 5. Anderson Cooper
  6. 6. Sex Ed
  7. 7. Google It
  8. 8. Waiting For The Rapture
  9. 9. The Final Solution
  10. 10. Gays In The Military
  11. 11. Vaginas - Then & Now
  12. 12. Recycling [Bonus Track]