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Sarah McLachlan
Shine On

Sarah McLachlan - Shine On

Three-time Grammy winner and legendary singer-songwriter makes her Verve debut with her eighth studio album, Shine On. Sarah has sold over 40 million albums in her career and is one of the most respected female artists in music today.

'This album is about moving through the second half of my life in a more mindful and meaningful way, recognizing that every day, every moment is precious and though we all have our issues and problems, our damages, we all have the ability to continue to learn, grow from our experiences, thrive and shine on.' - Sarah McLachlan

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 6, 2014 ON Verve

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"In Your Shoes"


  1. 1. In Your Shoes
  2. 2. Flesh And Blood
  3. 3. Monsters
  4. 4. Broken Heart
  5. 5. Surrender And Certainty
  6. 6. Song For My Father
  7. 7. Turn The Lights Down Low
  8. 8. Love Beside Me
  9. 9. Brink Of Destruction
  10. 10. Beautiful Girl
  11. 11. The Sound That Love Makes