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Roscoe Shelton
The Best Of

Roscoe Shelton - The Best Of

Roscoe Shelton started out as a gospel vocalist, before making the secular switch in 1958 at the behest of Excello Records owner Ernie Young. Roscoe made seven singles for Excello stretching into 1961, but he didn’t hit his stride until he signed with the locally-based Sims Records, where he crashed the national R&B charts with “Strain On My Heart” in 1965. This bountiful 28-track compilation of Roscoe’s SS7 years offers the most in-depth examination yet of a soul music pioneer’s most productive period, his mellifluous voice never failing to thrill. Nashville soul at its finest.

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"Easy Going Fellow"


  1. 1. Strain On My Heart
  2. 2. My Best Friend
  3. 3. Worry
  4. 4. Love Is The Key
  5. 5. I’m Tryin’ To Quit
  6. 6. Love Comes And Goes
  7. 7. Master Mind
  8. 8. Keep Your Mind On
  9. 9. Wedding Cake
  10. 10. The Fire Still Burns
  11. 11. My Eyes (I Can Cry If I Want To)
  12. 12. I Know Your Heart Has Been Broken
  13. 13. Easy Going Fellow
  14. 14. Roll With The Punch
  15. 15. Who Walks In (When I Walk Out)
  16. 16. You’re Living Too Fast
  17. 17. Soon As Darkness Falls
  18. 18. A Man’s Love
  19. 19. I’m In Way Too Deep
  20. 20. Tonight’s My Night
  21. 21. Running For My Life
  22. 22. There’s A Heartbreak Somewhere
  23. 23. I Can’t Stand To Be Without You
  24. 24. I Want To Keep You (If You Want To Stay)
  25. 25. You Ought To Take Time Out For Your Love
  26. 26. I’m Ready (To Love You Now)
  27. 27. You’re The Dream
  28. 28. I’m Still The Man