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Robert Walter's 20th Congress
Get Thy Bearings

Robert Walter's 20th Congress - Get Thy Bearings

Robert Walter helped usher in the funk-jazz renaissance of the early '90s as a founding member of the Greyboy Allstars and with his own band, the 20th Congress. The latter has returned with their first new studio album in ten years entitled Get Thy Bearings.

It presents Walter's organ, piano and Rhodes driving an all-star line-up featuring guitarist/bassist Elgin Park, drummer Aaron Redfield, saxophonists Karl Denson and Cochemea Gastelum, and percussionist Chuck Prada. The tracks range from the Sly Stone-styled vamp of 'Little Business' to the heavy gospel of 'Crux.' 'Don't Chin the Dog' shifts from delicate shuffle to horn-drenched boogaloo, while things get eerie on 'Up From the Skies,' a Hendrix cover rendered in washes of electric Miles.

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  1. 1. Hunk
  2. 2. Little Business
  3. 3. Get Thy Bearings
  4. 4. Foxhunting
  5. 5. Dog Party
  6. 6. Inversion Layer
  7. 7. Crux
  8. 8. Don't Chin The Dog
  9. 9. Up From The Skies