New Releases For September 30, 2016

Renée Wahl
Sworn Secrets

Renée Wahl - Sworn Secrets

Sworn Secrets is filled with pain songs, love songs and reflection songs from Nashville singer-songwriter Renée Wahl that capture her life in a bottle. The Pennsylvania native is carving out her own space at the recently rediscovered intersection of East Nashville, where the sounds are grittier than a polished Music Row. Inspired by groundbreaking artists including Buddy Miller, Linda Ronstadt, and Ryan Adams, Wahl deftly crafts songs that explore the human experience. From escaping emotional torment to finding a solution to a loneliness problem, few topics are off limits when it comes to Wahl’s powerful and personal approach to songwriting.

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"See You On The Way Down"


  1. 1. See You On The Way Down
  2. 2. Better The Devil
  3. 3. Baby Don’t Go
  4. 4. Wild Living
  5. 5. Whiskey Smells Like Bad Decisions