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Rachael Sage
Character (Deluxe CD Reissue)

Rachael Sage - Character (Deluxe CD Reissue)

Acclaimed NYC-based indie artist Rachael Sage has reissued a deluxe hardcover 2CD book of her latest album Character, lovingly designed by the artist herself, featuring a wearable art cut-out poster and bonus acoustic disc. Throughout the revelatory collection, Sage reflects on such concepts as gratitude, compassion, authenticity and optimism, questioning what comprises character - and lifting herself up in the process. Produced by Sage & Grammy winner Andy Zulla (Kelly Clarkson, Rod Stewart).

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"Catch The Light (Acoustic)"


  1. CD ONE:
  2. 1. Blue Sky Days
  3. 2. Bravery's On Fire
  4. 3. Both Hands
  5. 4. Damaged
  6. 5. Ohio
  7. 6. Cave
  8. 7. When I Was Young
  9. 8. Open The Door
  10. 9. Character
  11. 10. Be The Same
  12. 11. Atmosphere
  13. 12. Catch The Light
  14. CD TWO:
  15. 1. Bravery's On Fire (Acoustic)
  16. 2. Damaged (Acoustic)
  17. 3. Blue Sky Days (Acoustic)
  18. 4. Ohio (Acoustic)
  19. 5. Catch The Light (Acoustic)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 09
    New York (NYC), NY, US Mike Rocket, Rachael Sage, and Rory D'Lasnow at City Winery
  • Feb 11
    Ithaca, NY, US Howard Jones with Rachael Sage at Hangar Theatre
  • Feb 12
    Saratoga Springs, NY, US Rachael Sage at Unknown venue
  • Feb 15
    Norwalk, CT, US Rachael Sage at Wall Street Theater
  • Feb 18
    Huntington, NY, US Howard Jones and Rachael Sage at The Paramount
  • Feb 19
    New York (NYC), NY, US Rachael Sage at Unknown venue
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