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Queensrÿche - Queensryche

Queensrÿche remain one of the most revered hard rock outfits in history with over 20 million albums sold globally (6 million in the U.S. alone). Shows continue to sell out and hits such as 'Silent Lucidity' eternally blare across radio waves cementing one of the most diehard and devout fan bases in music.

In 2012, the band welcomed a new vocalist for the first time since founding in 1981. Queensrÿche hearkens back to the heavy metal side that defined classics such as The Warning, Empire, and Operation: Mindcrime. After three decades their legacy only strengthens with each subsequent evolution.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. X2
  2. 2. Where Dreams Go To Die
  3. 3. Spore
  4. 4. In This Light
  5. 5. Redemption
  6. 6. Vindication
  7. 7. Midnight Lullaby
  8. 8. A World Without
  9. 9. Don't Look Back
  10. 10. Fallout
  11. 11. Open Road

  13. 1. Queen Of The Reich (Live)
  14. 2. Prophecy (Live)
  15. 3. En Force (Live)
  16. 4. Eyes Of A Stranger (Live)

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