New Releases For April 23, 2013

Frequency Unknown

Queensrÿche - Frequency Unknown

After 30+ years of music making, most bands are content to simply trudge along, putting out the same old type of album again and again, trying to recapture the glory of days past. Not this band, not Queensrÿche.

With every new release, Geoff Tate and company push themselves into new directions, new sounds, and dizzying new heights. The result is that Queensrÿche is just as vital and musically relevant today as they ever were. Make no mistake about it, Queensrÿche is still a musical force to be reckoned with and their legions of fans will undoubtedly be celebrating in 2013.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Cold
  2. 2. Dare
  3. 3. Give It To You
  4. 4. Slave
  5. 5. In The Hands Of God
  6. 6. Running Backwards
  7. 7. Life Without You
  8. 8. Everything
  9. 9. Fallen
  10. 10. The Weight Of The World
  11. 11. I Don't Believe In Love
  12. 12. Empire
  13. 13. Jet City Woman
  14. 14. Silent Lucidity

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