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Promise & The Monster
Feed The Fire

Promise & The Monster - Feed The Fire

Billie Lindahl, the woman behind the name Promise & The Monster, brings a vivid landscape to life on Feed The Fire, her first album for Bella Union. It's a wondrous and haunting world, mixing light and dark, birth and death, mystery and imagination, absorbing vistas and intimate detail. Lindahl builds an analogue and digital soundscape around her enchanting voice, luring you deeper into her wild world than ever before.

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"Time Of The Season"


  1. 1. Feed The Fire
  2. 2. Hunter
  3. 3. Time Of The Season
  4. 4. Slow And Quiet
  5. 5. Apartments Song
  6. 6. Julingvallen
  7. 7. Hammering The Nails
  8. 8. The Weight Of It All
  9. 9. Machines
  10. 10. Fine Horseman