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O’Connor Band With Mark O’Connor
Coming Home

O’Connor Band With Mark O’Connor - Coming Home

Multi Grammy and CMA Award-winning fiddler and composer Mark O’Connor returns to progressive bluegrass and country music with the O’Connor Band and their debut album, Coming Home. Mark is joined by his wife Maggie on violin and harmony vocals, his son Forrest on mandolin and lead vocals, and Forrest’s fiancée, Kate Lee on violin and lead vocals.

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"Always Do"


  1. 1. Always Do
  2. 2. Coming Home
  3. 3. I Haven’t Said I Love You In A While
  4. 4. Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man?
  5. 5. What Have I Been Saying?
  6. 6. Jerusalem Ridge
  7. 7. The Sweet Ones
  8. 8. Blacktop Boy
  9. 9. You Too
  10. 10. Fishers Hornpipe
  11. 11. Old Black Creek
  12. 12. Fiddler Going Home