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No Depression Journal
Standards & Stanzas (Spring 2019)

No Depression Journal - Standards & Stanzas (Spring 2019)

No Depression started its life as a quarterly print magazine in 1995, fueled by its founding editors’ passion for alt-country music and long-form journalism. Over the course of its first print run, it helped solidify the importance of Americana and roots music on the national stage. To open 2019, No Depression examines standards in roots music and the poetic lyrics within them. Stories offer in-depth analyses on the most beloved, covered, and lasting songs in bluegrass, Americana, folk, jazz, and country and explore what fuels their longevity. Additionally, the issue celebrates the poetry of roots music and the naturally entwined nature of music, literature, and storytelling.


  1. In This Issue:
  2. 1. The Beatles As A Lasting Influence To Bluegrass And Country Musicians
  3. 2. Gillian Welch On Winning A Literary Prize From University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  4. 3. Amanda Shires On Her Love Of Poetry And Earning Her M.F.A.
  5. 4. Keith Secola And His "Native Americana" Anthem
  6. 5. The Legend Of "John Henry"
  7. 6. An Introduction To Jazz Standards
  8. 7. Jason Molina's Biographer Reflects On The Magnolia Electric Co.
  9. 8. The Parallels Between Hip-Hop And Folk Music Lyrics
  10. 9. John Prine On Songwriting
  11. Original Illustrations By Megan Amoss And Caitlin Mcdonagh
  12. Design By Marcus Amaker

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