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Nicolas Horvath
Glassworlds, Vol.1

Nicolas Horvath - Glassworlds, Vol.1

Glassworlds 1, Piano Works And Transcriptions by American composer Phillip Glass, inaugurates the complete Grand Piano Edition devoted to Mr. Glass – which is to include many premieres – a project sure to expand the understanding of and appreciation for one of the most influential musical minds of the 20th century and beyond. Pianist Nicolas Horvath, holder of a number of awards including First Prize of the Scriabin and the Luigi Nono Int’l Competitions, frequently organizes events and concerts of unusual length, including some in excess of twelve hours, and composers from a number of countries have written for him.

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"I. The Cafe"


  1. 1. Glassworks: I. Opening
  2. 2. I. The Cafe
  3. 3. II. Orphee's Bedroom
  4. 4. III. Journey To The Underworld
  5. 5. IV. Orphee And The Princess
  6. 6. V. Return To Orphee's House
  7. 7. VI. Orphee's Return
  8. 8. VII. Orphee's Bedroom - Reprise
  9. 9. Dreaming Awake
  10. 10. How Now

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