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Myrath - Legacy

Myrath returns with a new album of their special brand of "Oriental metal." After many shows in many countries and over four long years since their last album, they're back with a new collection of great tracks simply titled Legacy.

Myrath is a Franco-Tunisian metal band who, in just a few years, have become a very enjoyed and respected band by the international prog-power community. Their new album Legacy promises to rocket the band higher yet, with both European and North American tour plans and their most exciting album to date.

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  1. 1. Jasmin
  2. 2. Believer
  3. 3. Get Your Freedom Back
  4. 4. Nobody's Lives
  5. 5. The Needle
  6. 6. Through Your Eyes
  7. 7. The Unburnt
  8. 8. I Want To Die
  9. 9. Duat
  10. 10. Endure The Silence
  11. 11. Storm Of Lies
  12. 12. Other Side (Bonus Track - North America Only)