New Releases For November 4, 2014

Moon Safari
Live In Mexico

Moon Safari - Live In Mexico

New live album from Swedish prog rock sensation Moon Safari. Recorded at the band's performance at the classic Baja Prog festival in Mexicali, Mexico. The album features some of their classic tunes as well as pieces from their latest studio release Himlabacken Vol. 1. Drumming on this release is Mikael Israelsson from '70s prog rock band Black Bonzo.

Recommended for all fans on melodic prog rock.


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  1. 1. Too Young To Say Goodbye
  2. 2. Heartland
  3. 3. Barfly
  4. 4. Mega Moon
  5. 5. A Kid Called Panic
  6. 6. Crossed The Rubicon
  7. 7. Lover's End Pt. III: Skellefte*aring* Serenade