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Misery Loves Co.

Misery Loves Co. - Zero

Misery Loves Co. shaped the industrial metal scene during the ‘90s and became critically acclaimed among the global music press as well as a household name among many fans. 19 years after their breakup, Misery Loves Co. returns stronger than before but without being nostalgic. It’s been a long wait for many fans, but true art can never be forced. Upon listening to Zero everybody will see it was worth the wait. Musically, it’s a broad range of songs but with that characteristic sound Misery Loves Co. has always been known for.

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"Suburban Breakdown"


  1. 1. Suburban Breakdown
  2. 2. A Little Something
  3. 3. Dead Streets
  4. 4. Only Happy When It Rains
  5. 5. Fell In Love
  6. 6. The Waiting Room
  7. 7. Would You?
  8. 8. Zero
  9. 9. One Of Those Days
  10. 10. Way Back Home

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 23
    Stockholm, Sweden Close-Up Båten 2021
  • Dec 04
    Waregem, Belgium Waregemse metal days 2021
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