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Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon - Urn

Look up punk jazz in the dictionary and next to it you'll find a picture of its patron saint Mike Dillon.

The vibraphonist/percussionist/vocalist/MC has been in perpetual motion for over 20 years now. From his time spent with the late '80s MTV buzz band Billy Goat to cult faves Hairy Apes BMX to his current role in the post rock behemoth Garage A Trois, Dillon has amassed a diehard fan base that embraces his freewheeling mash up of sounds and styles. On one hand he exudes the musical chops absorbed from countless hours spent with Milt Jackson records, on the other he thrashes about with visions of Iggy Pop hard-wired to his frontal cortex.

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"Leather On"


  1. 1. DVS
  2. 2. Leather On
  3. 3. Saturn Returns
  4. 4. Fluorescent Sunburn
  5. 5. Demons
  6. 6. Ding Dong The Party Is Over
  7. 7. River Is Burning
  8. 8. Sunny Is Drunk
  9. 9. Cedar