Alternative Releases

Meat Beat Manifesto
Opaque Couché

Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couché

Opaque couché recently won the title of World’s Ugliest Color, so why did Meat Beat Manifesto name its new album Opaque Couché? “I wanted to do a title based around a particular color, so I wanted to give opaque couché a chance since it’s not black or white,” explains MBM mastermind, Jack Dangers. Opaque Couché finds the seminal electronic band in a mischievous, rhythm-based mood, recalling some of the band’s groundbreaking early work while still stretching modern boundaries. “I wanted to go back to my roots and reinvent it,” says Dangers… and reinvent he does.

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"Pin Drop"


  1. 1. Untroduction
  2. 2. Pin Drop
  3. 3. [Ear-Lips]
  4. 4. Agelast
  5. 5. Hailing Frequencies Open
  6. 6. Bolinas
  7. 7. Call Sign
  8. 8. Moving Pulse
  9. 9. No Design
  10. 10. C/2015 V2
  11. 11. Carrierfreq
  12. 12. Forced To Lie
  13. 13. Break Test
  14. 14. Present For Sally
  15. 15. Critical Soul Vibrations
  16. 16. Wandering Soul # 11