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Matt Panayides
Field Theory

Matt Panayides - Field Theory

On Field Theory, guitarist and composer Matt Panayides explores new sonic landscapes by mixing electric and acoustic sounds in a set of modern, highly original jazz compositions. At once familiar yet largely unexpected, Panayides weaves together sudden pops of color, creating images that tell stories like a great abstract painting. The album will be available in major retail and online outlets.

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"Energy Mover"


  1. 1. Kite Flying
  2. 2. Disturbance
  3. 3. Closer Now
  4. 4. Field Theory
  5. 5. Looking Round Corners
  6. 6. Energy Mover
  7. 7. 2.27.20
  8. 8. Penta Folk: Arrive
  9. 9. Penta Folk: Coalesce
  10. 10. Penta Folk: Ascend
  11. 11. Penta Folk: Departure
  12. 12. Self Narrative

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